Clinics and specialities

(by appointment only)

Standard clinics

Routine footcare appointments with the podiatrist.

"Only nails" clinics

For clients who only need basic nail-cutting. New clients will need to be assessed by a podiatrist first.


If you think you have verrucae and are concerned or experiencing pain, please contact us to make an appointment to discuss the most suitable treatment plan.

Nail surgery

We are licensed to remove problem nails under local anaesthetic. Visit one of our routine clinics to discuss the procedure in more detail.


Our podiatrist is pleased to be able to assess you and discuss options available to help correct any biomechanical problems that may be causing your foot, knee, hip and back pain in his clinics.

Jane Cooke, Foot Health Practitioner, is pleased to offer the following services in addition to your "Routine" or "Only Nails" appointment:

Nail reconstruction

Thick or disfigured nails are rebuilt using an elastic gel that will grow out with your nail.


Foot bath, exfoliation and massage

Nail painting

Laquish gel nails